Saturday, November 14, 2015

Quick Thoughts for Better Photos

One of the things I strive for is to get a better shot of anything and everything than what I've done before.  Of course, this can encompass a whole litany of things to watch for and tweak and take into account from exposure to lighting to backgrounds to physical position to composition to post-processing get the idea.  

In this regard, one of the things I'm doing more and more of lately is to get physically lower to the ground when the subjects of my lens are low to the ground.  I brought this up in an earlier post here where I show the difference physical position makes in relation to the subject.  I'm liking the difference this lower perspective is making.  For one thing, both foreground and background have a more pronounced blur allowing the subject to "pop" better.  For another, it makes the photo just a little different from all the other photos that are shot standing up which necessarily entails shooting down on the subject.

For the two photos here I was squatting as low as I could get and it worked fine for the top image because the mallard was roughly at my eye level when I tripped the shutter which is what I was after.  I assumed the same position for the Green-winged Teal but, now as I'm looking at it on the screen, I wasn't low enough.  A better position would have been to go prone, I believe.  A quick measurement just now shows my eyes are about 31" from the ground when squatting as low as I can.  Next time, I'll go lower.

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