Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Bald Eagles - Behind the Shot

This morning started out with a lot of fog in the area and my wife cautioned me about it as I started downstairs to head out for some shutter therapy.  I was okay with fog and was not going to let it sidetrack my plans, which was to go to Sandy Ridge Reservation about 40 minutes away.  Sure enough, when I looked outside the fog was thick but I also noticed a clear sky which meant the sun would work its magic and clear the fog by the time I was ready to shoot when the park opened at 8am.  Besides, if the fog was still around maybe I could work it into a shot since it provides a lot of potential if utilized properly.

This was only my second time to Sandy Ridge (the first time was last week) but I was interested the potential of the place to house raptors for viewing and shooting.  After walking through a wooded area it opens up to a marsh where I saw these two eagles right away.  Ah, yes!  This is a good day.  The first order of business was to get the record shot and then move into a better position hoping they would stick around until I had the sun behind me.  After getting this and similar shots I simply hung out in my spot waiting and hoping for some kind of action when one of the eagles suddenly took off for a deeper spot in the marsh.  Anticipating the second one would soon follow suit I readied the lens on it and just as I was making sure I was focused on it he took off.  I snapped away but did not have a perfect focus on it.  Oh, well.  That's part of the fun and excitement - there's always a next time.

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