Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Don't Remain in the Dark

Yesterday I wrote of making images pop with LR5.  As are all of my articles thus far, it is just high level information.  Meaning, I don't go very deep into all the particulars because there is a ton of information on the Web already.  I use quite a few more tools in LR than what I mentioned yesterday.  I may change my way of thinking in the future but for now I'm keeping the content such that it may raise questions or simply pique something in you.   I'm more than willing to try to help anyone that may have questions, so if that's you, just ask in the comments section below or email me at davehowell123@gmail.com.  I'm a firm believer in sharing knowledge - you learn from me and I learn from you.  Don't remain in the dark - and don't hoard knowledge either.

I found these mushrooms at the base of our evergreen tree just off the patio during lunch break today.  They were practically covered with the needles that had fallen over the years.  Or, maybe more correctly, they were just about to break through all the needles that had fallen over the years.  But two little white spots caught my eye and upon moving some of the needles aside this is what I found.

This butterfly is why I was outside with the camera during lunch in the first place.  It was fluttering all over plants at it's typical frantic pace.  As soon as it landed on the Kale I snapped away.  Look close at the first few photos and you can see what I think is pollen in the clutches of its proboscis.  Next I was able to catch it as it paused on the lettuce.

And before heading back in the house, I had to take a picture of this guy (gal - who knows?) sitting on the siding right by the patio door.  Who knew a fly could look so fierce?

 By the way, these pictures were taken with the Nikon D7000 and 35mm f/1.8 DX lens.  Most of the pictures I've shown on this blog up to this point have been taken with the Nikon D600 and 105mm f/2.8 macro lens which I touched on here.  All subjects for another post....or two.  Hope you enjoy the images.

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  1. That fly looks like a skinny horse fly. No matter what, flies are ugly! Good shot tho. the mushrooms look pretty cool and next time you see those moths on our kale, shoo them off!! I don't want their eggs on my food! :)