Saturday, July 27, 2013

Birding in the Backyard

Mindy and I have been wondering where the hummingbirds have been this year.  Usually we see these small creatures coming and going all summer long, but this year we've seen them a total of maybe five times between us.  Until today.  They've been giving a real show of constant activity at the feeders today and have been fun to watch.

Usually it's the female we see all the time, so it was a real treat to see and photograph the male.  We also got a visit from this young Bluejay a couple mornings ago.  I had to shoot thru the window because had I tried to open it he would have been spooked and flown away and they are at the feeder rare enough to get a shot at that I didn't want to take unnecessary chances.

The mourning doves are regulars around here.  They feed for awhile and then take a break by just laying in the shade watching all the other birds scurry about.

This Tufted Titmouse makes infrequent appearances so I was glad to get a shot off and capture the moment.

The Purple Finches are constant feeders here and I'm glad for it.  They're nice to look at and are quite the singers.

Once in awhile we even find the Downy Woodpecker at the feeder.

While we like and enjoy all the birds that make an appearance here (plenty more than what is shown), one of our very special visitors is this Coopers Hawk.  This one and its mate nested in a tree in the woods just behind our property and hatched some young.  Unfortunately, there were too many leaves on the trees when the hatchlings emerged from their eggs so we couldn't get a look at them but, oh, did we hear them.  There were a few weeks where every day it seemed they never stopped making noise - parents and young alike.  Not that we complained because it was kind of exciting hoping for a chance to see the little one's at some point.  It hasn't happened yet but this adult made a showing and I was fortunate to capture a few images.

I know.  I waited and waited for him to take flight off the branch and when it finally happened he was facing away and went deeper into the woods.  Crud.  Next time.  Hope you enjoy.


  1. I did enjoy your photo's. Capturing these images so we always have them is a real treat.

    1. Thanks, hon. It's nice to be able to share them with you.

  2. Yep these are very good. Birds are always a challenge I'm sure. Laurie

    1. Thank you, Laurie. And yes, they are challenging. That's part of the fun.