Sunday, December 6, 2015

Shooting the Moon Over Cleveland

Recently, I joined a group of photographers at Upper Edgewater Park in Cleveland for a "Full Moon Over Cleveland" event.  I had never done anything like it before and thought it would be fun and I'd get to meet other photographers in the area.  Well, both turned out to be true.

I played around with different settings trying to expose for both the moon and city.  The top image worked really well for b&w and I like it a lot.  And even though the moon is blown out in the second image I really like it a lot, too.  I would definitely hang either one on my wall.

This last image I'm showing was taken at dusk and you can just see the glow of the moon start to appear behind the buildings.  The sun was low and bathing the city in a golden glow that made me stop talking to those around me and start shooting with a, "Look at the light.  It's really nice now" comment.  Yep, you guessed it...I like it as well.  I'm excited to do this again and try out some different things I've got in mind.  I suppose I could search the internet for "how to's" but I'd rather experiment on my own.  Sometimes it's just more fun and rewarding that way.  I'll be sure to post when it happens.

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