Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Great Blue Heron - Behind the Shot

I had gotten out early the morning after purchasing a new camera and lens and was exited to get some time afield with them.  Since it was a work day I remained close to home but had a little more than an hour to have some fun.  It was very overcast with what appeared to be no hope for any sunshine while I'd be out but of course, that didn't dampen my spirits.  When I got to the site I was very pleased to see a great blue heron fishing for breakfast.  It was some distance off so I just took some shots before trying to get closer.  After a short while I decided to see how close I could get before it would take flight.  Surprisingly, I got fairly close and it didn't seem to bother the bird as it thrashed about, jumped up and down and played with what appeared to be some type of weed.  It was quite comical to watch and I got a lot of shots to peruse later at home.  Eventually, the bird flew away and I moved on.  As I got to the far side of the area I was in I spotted another great blue heron and it, too, let me get as close as I could without actually wading in the water.  After taking some shots from different angles it was time to head home and get ready for work.  After about twenty steps the sun suddenly shone from behind me.  Surprised, I looked up and saw a small opening in the cloud cover that it was peeking through.  Instinctively, I looked back at the heron and saw a beautiful glance of light on it and hurried back to photograph it.  The photo above is one of a few I was able to get before I forced myself to head home for the workday.


  1. I love the steady gaze of this bird. You captured the moment that makes me wonder if he got what he was looking for.

    1. Unfortunately, I didn't have time to hang around and find out but he does look focused doesn't he?