Saturday, May 10, 2014

Ohio Wildflowers - A Walk in the Park

After getting off work a couple days ago I just had to get outside for some shutter therapy so went to a nature park not far away.  This time I wanted to keep the brown ground, leaves, and sticks to a minimum in the photos.  The sky was very overcast much of the time and it was late in the day so I attached the speedlight to the camera and took my time looking for the tiny flowers and plants that are springing up from the forest floor.  

I found myself standing still or getting down low for minutes at a time looking around because I'd have missed a lot otherwise, like the downy phlox above and this tiny beetle below crawling amongst the moss on a fallen tree.  Actually, I may have missed it altogether except it was moving so the color caught my eye.  I mean, those little blades of moss were taller than this beetle.  

And this was the view when my walk in the park came to an end.


  1. I can't pick a favorite, I love all these shots. The details you get are amazing!

  2. Thank you, Jenny. I appreciate that.