Friday, May 9, 2014

Hatchlings - Day 1

This is a first for me.  Mindy pointed out a Robins bird nest with eggs in a holly bush outside our front door.  She had taken a picture to show me and I noted four eggs in the nest.  By the time I was able to grab my own pic I noticed a hole in one egg and two others that were cracked.  My immediate thought was that something had gotten to them and they weren't going to make it.  But as I looked at the photo on the computer screen it dawned on me that a critter had not gotten to them - they were hatching.

I went back out to have another look later in the day and found this little bird emerging from its shell.  How cool is that?

Later when I went back for another look I found this little one resting from its hard work.  Note, the shell it came from is gone.  Apparently mother robin likes a clean house.

Before it got too dark I went for one last look and found we now have two hatchlings and the first one is mighty hungry with mouth wide open ready for a morsel.  


  1. Those are still cool the second time around!!

    1. Yep. Kind of exciting to see them be born and grow.