Sunday, October 25, 2015

Winged Sanitary Engineer

In the past I've often tried to capture an image of these birds that was satisfactory but almost always ended up disappointed either because they were too small in the frame or, worse, just not sharp and clear if they did fill the frame.   

On this occasion, I was in the woods when several of these birds made an appearance by flying around the outer tree line/open field I was about to enter.  Not wanting to spook them I stood just inside the trees observing for a bit when I noticed the bird standing on a tree in the first image.  After getting that shot, I slowly walked to the opening of the field and was rewarded with several more images before they flew away.

Turkey vultures are quite prolific around here and are an interesting creature with a keen sense of smell.  It could be said they're so ugly they're cute....not!  But they do serve a useful purpose in nature and for that we should be thankful.  

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