Friday, May 24, 2013

The Golden Hour

Recently, Mindy and I made it out to Buckeye Woods during the last hour or so of daylight.  When I made a comment about it being the golden hour she asked what that meant.

I explained the golden hour is the first and last hour or two of the day when the sun is low in the sky and casts a warm golden glow as opposed to the harsh midday light.  And the light tends to change pretty quickly, too.  I had the camera set to WB Daylight for these shots.  

It's not often I'm out during the golden hours because I tend to be lazy in the mornings and don't want to stay out too late in the evening out of consideration for Mindy because often it's just me out photographing while she's at home.  I will have to make a point of not being lazy in the morning hours because I really like this look.  And I understand the light is different from day to day.  I have a few more shots from this outing in the previous post here that I didn't want to duplicate but would rather show different photos to keep things fresh - even if that means fewer photos in this post.

btw - this picture of the sunset is different than the one in the previous post.  Can you spot the difference?  Which do you prefer?


  1. I'm now a fan of "the golden hour"! Love the way my pics turned out too. Thanks for teaching me that one!


    1. Your photos did turn out well. Glad you enjoyed being out. I know I enjoyed having you with me. And, you're welcome!