Thursday, May 30, 2013

Early Morning Outing, cont'd

I love getting outside to photograph wildlife, landscapes and just the natural environment.  It can be as simple as stepping into the backyard or traveling to a park or nature reserve.  Hopefully, we can include more exotic locations in the future whether they be the famous Parks of the US or even places overseas.  For now, though, we visit local areas of which there are many here in Ohio.  This particular outing occurred at Buckeye Woods.

On this morning the fog had just burned off from the water but the dew was still on the tall grass.

This webbing in the shape of a small nest right in the midst of  the golden grass was a real eye-catcher.  Really enjoying the early morning out with the gold hue of the low sun.  

The reflection of this stump with tress in the background in the calm water was another 'must shoot' moment.  The bird below was trying to stay still and hide but I was right down there with it in the weeds.  

Now for a fun story.  I had spotted a mother duck with her babies in the water at the edge of the tall weeds where it was not possible to get close and certainly couldn't see them for any kind of a shot.  So, after observing their direction as best as possible for a couple minutes I moved on ahead and found a break in the tall grass that allowed close access to the water.  At this point I could not see the duck family anymore but could hear them coming my way so sat down to wait partially hidden amongst the tall grass.  As soon as they entered into view I start shooting.  The photos that follow are some of that series of captures.

I'll leave you with one more photo for now.  After seeing this even the avid goose hater would have to say it's a very cute moment.  Make sure to click to view larger so you can see the middle of the frame.

More to come.  Till next time, enjoy.

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