Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Missed Opportunity

There I was minding my own business looking over some images in Lightroom when Mindy hollered from upstairs, "Deer in back".  Ever hoping to capture something of interest from these frequent visitors I grabbed the camera and headed for the sun room.  The deer were on the move and not lingering as they usually do when, suddenly, two of them went up on hind legs and started sparring.  I quickly lowered one of the upper windows, placed the 300mm on top of it and fired.  Click...nothing.  The thoughts were racing through my head at warp speed.  Mirror went up...then... nothing.  Why?  What the heck?  Almost as fast, I realized I had the camera set to mirror up and on Manual Mode.  As fast as I could, I set the drive dial to CH and Aperture Priority and fired again.  The photo above is a result of the adjustment.

So what of the missed opportunity?  Well, I was able to capture this one deer still on her hind legs but missed the both of them going at it hoof to hoof.  That photo was completely blown out.  Total white frame.  

The lesson here?  Remember to adjust your camera settings to y-o-u-r defaults after using it for other purposes so your ready to grab and shoot with confidence when time is of the essence. 


  1. Lessoned learned. Hopefully we both get the opportunity to see sparring again. I still love this shot.