Saturday, December 20, 2014

'Tis the Season

It's Christmas time again and all through the house my wife is stirring like mad trying to get things done - like decorating.  She loves to decorate for the changing seasons and other special occasions.  This Christmas has been more hectic than usual because she has several things going on at once and is currently in Texas for a  wedding.  I couldn't go because it is my turn to be on stand-by this week for work related matters.  So, between the phone calls that came in today I thought I'd shoot some photos of what she's done so far.  Hope you enjoy!  And, Merry Christmas!!!


  1. Very lovely the house and photos Laurie

  2. Mom really liked this rotating background that Robin DL'd of Christmas photos - Tell her she doesn't need to go find some fancy program! Just load these pictures into a rotating screen saver and there she goes! These are beautiful!