Monday, February 17, 2014

A Little Food Photography

Mindy made what she called chickpea, cherry salad tonight and as is the norm more often than not I took the photos for her blog.  You can find the recipes for everything listed here and more if you're interested.  It's all quite delicious.  I used the Nikon D600, 105mm f/2.8 and the SB700 shooting through an umbrella for this shot.  This gave nice, soft, even light right where I wanted it with the bonus that I did very little tweaking in LR by simply boosting Lights under the Tone Curve menu and that was it.  

This one is potato pierogi with fire-roasted mushrooms.  Mmmmm!

And quinoa, butternut squash.  Good stuff!!

Vegetable farro soup.  This will warm your insides on a cold winter day. 

Golden cauliflower soup.  Good to the last drop.


  1. I have noticed improvement in your shots. Thanks for taking my pictures for me. Keep on learning!

    1. I'm glad you see improvement. I've noticed it as well but tend to be not satisfied with a lot of shots still. But rather than get discouraged it drives me to do better next time. And you're welcome. I enjoy it.